State Parks In Utah: 32 Spots You Need To Visit This Year

Utah state parks span across the Beehive state from Bear Lake on the Utah/Idaho border to the Edge of the Cedars State Park Museum in the Four Corners region.

Our state parks offer all kinds of recreation opportunities, including boating, hiking and off roading, and it’s no wonder the Division of Utah State Parks and Recreation’s mission statement is “To enhance the quality of life by preserving and providing natural, cultural, and recreational resources for the enjoyment, education, and inspiration of this and future generations.”

List Of Utah State Parks

1. Anasazi State Park



Don’t miss: A large ancestral Puebloan village that was occupied from 1160-1235 AD.

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2. Antelope Island State Park



Don’t miss: The bison, bighorn sheep and pronghorn habitat.

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3. Bear Lake State Park



Don’t miss: There’s a reason Bear Lake is called “The Caribbean of the Rockies”.

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4. Camp Floyd State Park



Don’t miss: Camp Floyd Days every Labor Day weekend.

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5. Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park



Don’t miss: The unique color of the Navajo sandstone caused by iron oxides.

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6. East Canyon State Park


Don’t miss: The reservoir was traversed by the Donner Party and Mormon pioneers.

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7. Edge of the Cedars State Park


Don’t miss: The restored kiva ruins from an ancient Anasazi community.

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8. Escalante Petrified Forest State Park


Don’t miss: Fossils and petrified wood, and the recreational reservoir.

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9. Fremont Indian State Park


Don’t miss: Ancient rock art and artifacts from the Fremont culture.

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10. Frontier Homestead State Park


Don’t miss: Historical equipment and structures from the 19th century, including horse drawn vehicles.

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11. Goblin Valley State Park


Don’t miss: The ranger-led moonlit hikes and telescope tours.

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12. Goosenecks State Park


Don’t miss: The dramatic views of the San Juan River.

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13. Great Salt Lake State Park


Don’t miss: Floating in the salt water, biking and wildlife.

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14. Green River State Park


Don’t miss: The campground, nine hole golf course and the nearby Green River.

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15. Gunlock State Park


Don’t miss: A picnic on the beach and fishing the tranquil waters of the reservoir.

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16. Historic Union Pacific Rail Trail State Park


Don’t miss: Follow the old Union Pacific right-of-way through scenic mountain and valley landscapes.

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17. Huntington State Park


Don’t miss: Camping and fishing the warm waters.

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18. Hyrum State Park


Don’t miss: The opportunity to go ice fishing in the winter.

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19. Kodachrome Basin State Park


Don’t miss: The rock spires and geological formations in this photogenic spot.

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20. Millsite State Park


Don’t miss: Fishing for cutthroat and rainbow trout in the reservoir.

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21. Palisade State Park


Don’t miss: The popular 18 hole golf course and picnics along the shoreline of the reservoir.

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22. Piute State Park


Don’t miss: Trophy fishing and waterfowl hunting.

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23. Quail Creek State Park


Don’t miss: Boating, camping and fishing in this mild, year-round park near St. George.

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24. Red Fleet State Park


Don’t miss: Hiking to dinosaur tracks in the sandstone, desert landscapes of Dinosaurland.

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25. Sand Hollow State Park


Don’t miss: The warm, blue waters of Utah’s newest state park, and the red sandstone landscapes.

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26. Snow Canyon State Park


Don’t miss: The ancient lava flows and red Navajo sandstone surrounding the campgrounds.

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27. Starvation State Park


Don’t miss: The archery course and slack lines.

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28. Steinaker State Park


Don’t miss: Cross country skiing and ice skating in the winter, and Veterans Appreciation Day every August.

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29. Utah Lake State Park


Don’t miss: Utah’s largest freshwater lake stocked with walleye, catfish and white bass.

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30. Wasatch Mountain State Park


Don’t miss: Camping at Pine Creek Campground and horseback riding in the warm months.

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31. Willard Bay State Park


Don’t miss: Watching for nesting eagles in the winter months.

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32. Yuba State Park


Don’t miss: Warm waters and sandy beaches perfect for a family getaway.